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E-Learning Online Training


Clear instructions, numerous exercises and instructive videos; E-learning is the easiest, most flexible and cost-effective way of learning about a software program. A PC with internet access is the only thing you need to get started with the course. The best thing about it is that e-learning courses can be used anywhere. That means you can learn at work or in your home office. You can choose your own learning speed and repeat the exercises as many times as you want.

Fascinating online training

We offer e-learning through the “Moodle” self-learning platform, with extensive courses and materials for self-learning. The course management system is an extremely flexible learning platform that allows for many different learning options. Learning takes place in virtual classrooms on the online platform, where participants will find their course content, assignments and tests. The course content for our online training is varied, which keeps it exciting for the participants.

Fast learning success with learning videos and exercises

In our e-learning courses, we show videos and give our participants convenient exercises they can do themselves. The e-learning courses give students a very rich and interactive instructional experience. Participants will find carefully thought-out and comprehensible instructions with many practical examples. That allows them to quickly and easily learn how to use the software, and equips them for their daily work. Integrated exercise questions and downloadable learning files can be used to repeat and solidify what they have learned. Start your online training now!

E-learning for users

In order to use the program effectively, you should be familiar with its basic principles. This online course teaches beginners about the software’s most important features and options, with a focus on confident, practiced use of the software. Our e-learning package for users gives them a solid foundation, confident use of the navigation and the user interface, and a basic understanding of the software’s main functions.

E-learning for administrators

With this course package, you lay the groundwork for installing the software yourself and being able to operate it. This online course starts with the technical background and integration into the existing infrastructure; in addition to installing the software, it also shows you the configuration and optimization options. Later, it goes over more challenging areas like administration and management.

Special time-limited offer for M4 P&ID FX

When you buy M4 P&ID FX, you will also receive online support and all of the current versions of the software for one year. In addition, you will be able to access M4 P&ID FX online training in English, for users and administrators, on our e-learning platform.

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