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What is it? The e-GGRT XML Reporting Tool calculates emissions totals to meet the new Greenhouse Gas reporting requirements.

Currently, the tool reports:

  • Sub-part A (facility information and Total Emissions)
  • Sub-part C (Stationary units that may not do continuous emissions monitoring)
  • Sub-part D (ECMPS users.  ECMPS users can simply export existing data from ECMPS into our reporting tool, and Greenhouse Gas data is generated automatically for submission.  Upload one file, and you’re done)

Who needs it?

Anyone who has a Part 75 of Nox Budget facility must report Greenhouse Gas emissions.  Over 13,000 facilities have been identified.

But I can just submit my data on EPA’s e-GGRT web site, right?

The e-GGRT web interface does not calculate the emissions. Users must navigate through a series of spread sheets and then determine which spreadsheets to use, which tier to use, and use them to calculate emissions totals.  Finally the user must navigate the web interface and determine the correct method to enter the totals calculated in the spreadsheets.

With our reporting tool, the user simply uploads the XML file that it generates and they’re done.  This can be accomplished with minimal knowledge of the intricacies of the Greenhouse Gas reporting requirements.

  • No spreadsheets
  • ECMPS users avoid manual data entry

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