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GYTE Env. Eng. Dept., which was founded in 1994 in one of the most industrialized part of Turkey, Gebze, with a staff of only one Professor and 3 Research Associates,  is now continuing its educational and research activities at Muallimkoy Campus and in its own building with a staff of 40 academic staff members.  While the department has offered a Master’s Degree in Env. Eng.  from the beginning,  the Ph.D Program was only initiated in 2003.

Mission and Vision
Having its graduates gain the scientific background to recognize and investigate the existing and future regional, national and global environmental problems, in addition to master the technical knowledge to solve those problems are among the educational objectives of our department. Our students are trained to have an innovative and holistic approach and be open to multidisciplinary collaboration in their scientific research and for tackling the environmental problems.

Furthermore, our department views its R&D efforts in green technologies, renewable biomass energy, reuse/recycle and waste treatment, as one of its objectives to contribute to the sustainable development.

Academic Staff
The academic staff our department consists of  34 research-active members who  come from different disciplines and universities with  4 professors, 8 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and one lecturer. In addition, the department employs 17 research assistants, 4 technical experts, one engineer, one laboratory technician and one secretary.

Research Activities
The level of our R&D activities, which are conducted in our 14 fully-equipped research laboratories that occupy 1300 m2   in our modern building, has been steadily increasing over the years since the department’s inception in 1994.  Research and development projects involving various bench and pilot scale experiments and analyses are performed simultaneously in spacious laboratories.

Currently, 20 different research projects (1 EU funded, 14 TÜBİTAK funded, 5 GYTE funded) with a total budget 2 Million $ are being carried out by our research teams including our academic staff and 21 project assistants  who are studying for master’s and PhD degrees.  In the last ten years, 60 research projects have been completed in our department.

In last 8 years, our department’s staff has made significant scientific contribution to the discipline of environmental science and technology by publishing more than 160 research papers in international SCI journals successfully.

Having bestowed masters and doctorate degrees to 200 students to date, our department currently hosts 53 doctorate and 91 master’s students. Admissions to our programs are made in January and August. Our students develop their engineering and research skills by taking our continuously updated graduate courses and getting involved in research activities in our laboratories.

  • 1994-2011 Given Master’s Degrees: 196
  • 2003-2011 Given PhD Degree: 13

Department-Industry Partnership
Paying particular importance to the department-industry partnership, our department is involved in numerous projects of industrial origin due to its special location close to Gebze, Dilovasi and Tuzla Organized Industrial Zones.  We continue our work to help Turkey achieve a technically and economically strong national industry that is employs clean technologies and renewable energy.

In this respect, our department offers consultancy to companies on clean technologies and waste reuse and recycling, and provides engineering services in system and reactor design, process development, and technical and economic analysis.  In addition, our laboratories are available to perform environmental analyses for samples of industrial origin.

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