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Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 / RC 14001 Training

ISO 14001 is the global environmental management system standard which provides a framework for creating an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). As sustainability becomes a necessity for all organizations, not only those in polluting industries, organizations have focused on how their environmental management systems (EMS) can be used to reduce waste and effectively manage by-products. The EMS converts environmental stakeholder needs (local or global) into satisfied environmental stakeholders through effective business process management. Organizations manage environmental risk, implement effective controls and continually improve their system using an EMS conforming to ISO 14001.

Some of the benefits of using an EMS conforming to ISO 14001 include reduced waste and limited exposure to risk.  See the Top Ten Reasons you should care about your EMS.

As a system standard, ISO 14001 provides the fundamentals leading to agreed requirements for good environmental management practices. However, these minimal requirements only establish a framework for exceptional organizational performance, they do not guarantee it. Management is responsible for designing and using the system to achieve objectives. In order to achieve some of the many potential benefits of developing a system conforming to ISO 14001, organizations need to understand how to use and continually improve their EMS.
Some industries, including members of the American Chemical Council, have used the fundamental approach of the ISO 14001 and developed specific applications such as Responsible Care®, or RC 14001®. 

Learn more about how a system conforming to ISO 14001 can benefit your organization.  Get training to be a certified EMS Lead Auditor.  Call us today at 800-357-9001.

QMII has more than 25 year success of assisting clients develop process-based environmental management systems, helping them lower costs and improve their environmental stewardship.

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