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Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Implementation for Government Agencies



Many government agencies have struggled with the concept of EMS, having been taught that it is a for-profit business process and not applicable to the government. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does the international standard ISO 14001 apply to all types and sizes of organizations, the last two administrations both promoted EMS as a management strategy in Executive Orders 13423 and 13514. The only difference between government and commercial entities is the goal. Unlike commercial enterprises whose primary focus is on profit, government agencies must focus on achieving mission, be it a civilian or military mission.

The success of an EMS will be directly related to management’s understanding of the benefits of an EMS to their mission and how it can help them continually improve. The EMS can be an effective tool for achieving sustainability, no matter whether the government agency is large, robust, and complex or small and simple. This course will assist government employees evaluate their activities, products, and services to determine the proper approach in developing and implementing a successful EMS appropriate for their agency.

EMS: Implementation for Government Agencies™ is intended for personnel who are challenged with developing or managing an EMS appropriate for their organization. This 3-day course focuses on both practical implementation steps and techniques for simplifying their EMS by integrating it with existing organizational systems and procedures.

You will leave this course with a toolkit of ideas for facilitating EMS implementation, improving existing systems, and developing a valuable tool to help achieve sustainability.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Environmental Management Systems
  • Review of ISO 14001
  • Determining the EMS Scope
  • Developing an environmental policy
  • Identifying aspects and environmental impacts
  • Considering legal and other requirements
  • Setting objectives and targets and establishing programs to achieve them
  • Identifying roles, responsibilities, and proper levels of authority
  • Communicating within and outside the organization
  • Ensuring personnel competence
  • Documentation requirements
  • Operational controls
  • Preparing for emergency situations
  • Monitoring and measuring environmental aspects
  • Compliance and management system auditing
  • Management Review

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