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FREE Educational Seminars for Realtors, Home Inspectors, BOH Agents and Homeowner's. What you should know about Private Drinking Water Wells The EPA estimates that more than 21 million American households rely on private well water systems to provide their families with their drinking water? Here in New England, approximately 2.3 million people, or 20% of New Englanders have wells. In Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, that number increases to 40%.

Most potential Homebuyers would never consider buying a new house without a thorough home inspection. Unfortunately, the properties well water system and the quality of its drinking water is not always given the same consideration. Advise your clients to get the most information possible from qualified professionals about both the well water quality and the condition and functioning of the entire drinking water system. Good quality drinking water increases a property’s marketability.

Today’s increasingly health conscious consumer is looking for the peace of mind that the potential property will provide them with many years of safe and clean water for their family. Sellers can avoid any delays at closing by addressing any water quality concerns before the house is placed on the market or comes under contract. Proof of a recent water test and well inspection reduces the chance of any surprises along the way. A house with poor quality water or a well system in disrepair will be worth much less than a comparable property with a properly maintained water system.

If you are a real estate agent representing the buyer or the seller, you may have a question about how you can best inform your client about private well water issues during a property transaction. If you are a Home Inspector, we can help you better understand these systems and what you should be looking for during an inspection.

Schedule a free seminar for your organization and ETR Labs will give you the tools you need to best represent your clients. Call us today to schedule your own free seminar and you will learn firsthand how a private well water system can affect your business. You will learn how you can best represent your clients when a well is involved.

  • How safe water can be a selling point.
  • How to advise your clients about well water issues during a property transaction.
  • How to get information about the well (location, type, age, depth, water quality and quantity, maintenance records).
  • What tests should be conducted.
  • How and Where samples should be taken.
  • Understanding the reporting process.
  • Why real estate transactions should include a well inspection.

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