Glass Technology Services, (GTS)

Glass Technology Services, (GTS)

Glass Appreciation Training

This two-day course is designed to give delegates a broad understanding of glass as a material - including raw materials, manufacture, processing, use, the properties of glass and its environmental impact - and combines both theory and practical sessions including giving delegates the opportunity to form their own glass product using our on-site glass melting facilities.

Attendee numbers are restricted in order to encourage an informal atmosphere, increase interaction and the benefit of practical sessions and enable delegates to bring questions and examples from their own work areas.

Presenters are chosen from a wide range of technical staff, each experts in their particular field, and are available throughout the course to answer any questions delegates may have. 

Practical Sessions

  • Forming a glass object;
  • Testing glass products for strength;
  • Identifying different types of glass to remove contaminants from glass collected for recycling;
  • Experimenting with different glass coatings to observe the effect these have on the glass product.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the glass sector;
  • Glass forming processes;
  • Properties and uses of glass;
  • Inspection and quality control;
  • Glass batch and melting;
  • Common glass defects and their causes;
  • Glass furnaces and melting technology;
  • Surface protection and coatings.

Delegates Include

  • Glass manufacturers;
  • Retailers and brand owners;
  • Recycling organisations;
  • Bottlers;
  • Glazing manufacturers;
  • Equipment suppliers;
  • Environmental professionals.

Course Dates

Our glass appreciation course is delivered on-demand to individual organisations, or consortiums - so please enquire if you would like a course for your own company or team. 

We also hold a hosted course on an annual basis on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of October

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