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Clean Air Technologies have developed a range of workshops for Operatives and Managers of critical environments, harnessing the unique insight gained through the many years of experience as both Designers and front line Validators of such facilities. We have condensed this knowledge into a series of workshops emphasising the importance of good practices when working in controlled environments and highlighting the potential outcomes of non-conformance to established disciplines. The workshops can be integrated in site-specific Quality Managment protocols and tailored to suit individual needs. The content both enhances and reinforces the principles of Bio-Containment, GMP and Cleanroom Design & Operation.

The benefits of the course include: -

  • Improved staff understanding of GMP and Bio-Containment disciplines and standards.
  • The development of the individuals' appreciation for their potential impact on the Critical environment.
  • Increased awareness of individuals' responsibility for the safety of final product
  • Increased yield by improved Contamination Control
  • Each course can be tailored to reflect particular site operational needs

The workshops are presented in a relaxed, informal environment and we cover such topics as:

  • Overview of GMP, cleanroom and Bio-Safety standards
  • Construction details and finishes of room envelope
  • Identification and function of HVAC components
  • Design and installation checklist
  • Validation techniques
  • Operator behaviour and disciplines
  • Preparation for audit/ inspection

Upon attendance of the course, each delegate qualifies for course notes and a certificate of completion.

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