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Green Building with Steel: Material Attributes, Applications and LEED



Green Building is rapidly becoming mainstream, mostly due to increasing environmental concerns, a desire to develop healthier structures, and increasing regulation from the permitting authorities. This 1-hour introductory interactive online course examines Green Building in relation to the use of steel as a primary structural building material, its inherently recyclable nature, and its efficiency of assembly. The course also covers manufacturing of the material and types of building suitable for steel construction. The course wraps up with information on building certification, including a summary of LEED programs.

There are no regulatory requirements listed for this course

Learning Objectives

After completing this course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe how Steel differs from Wood as a building material.
  • Explain the Green attributes of Steel in construction
  • Discuss the manufacturing of steel framing materials
  • List the kinds of buldings that are suitable for steel construction
  • Discuss the LEED ratings applicable to steel construction

End of Course Instructions
Congratulations on completing your course, you may now print your certificate of completion.

Additional Materials
Andrew O. Manzini
Florida Certified General Contractor; NAHB Certified Green Professional; Accredited Green Building Verifier

Quiz Information
All quizzes must be passed with a 70% to proceed forward to the next lesson.

Exam Information
The final exam must be passed with a 70% to receive the certificate of completion.

Approved Course Hours

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