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Hazard Communications Training



This course will provide employees with information and training on hazardous materials in their work area. This training will cover categories of hazards (e.g., flammability, carcinogenicity) as well as protective measures and specific procedures the employer has implemented for employee safety. Employees will be trained in the employers hazard communication program, use of and layout of new Safety Data Sheets, appropriate work practices, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment to be used. New Pictograms and Hazard labeling systems (DOT, NFPA, ETC.) and information resources will also be reviewed.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students will be able to explain the types of information available on an MSDS/SDS, use-labeling systems to classify hazardous materials, describe safe work practices, and identify measures designed to protect employees from exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Topics Covered

  • Chemical hazards
  • Material Safety Data Sheets / Safety Data Sheets
  • Types of hazardous materials
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Container labeling and other forms of warning
  • Information sources

Implementation Mechanism

  • Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, video presentation, written material), and an evaluation of the student’s performance

Client Supplied Items

  • DVD player and corresponding viewing equipment
  • Client specific MSDS/SDS, if available or list of Hazardous materials
  • Client hazard communications and emergency response procedures
  • Estimated Time Required 2 hrs.
  • Requalification Period Initial and as needed
  • Pre-Requisites N/A
  • Minimum # Students 4
  • Maximum # Students 24
  • Additional Course Material N/A

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