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Upon successful completion of this workshop, employees will receive a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification, which is valid for 3 years (except air transport). Certification training is in compliance with Section 6.2 of the Transportation Dangerous Goods Act. Upon completion, a certification card will be produced and provided to the employer.

Program Design
This course is flexible and versatile in adapting to the needs of participants.  The employer is responsible for decisions as to who is to be trained and what represents the adequate TDG training employees require.  The TDG training should be specific to the dangerous goods the employee handles and the duties they perform.  Scenarios are utilized to be consistent with the work environments of participants.  The delivery is lively and fun, in a non-threatening environment and participants are evaluated and assisted throughout to minimize the anxiety associated with practical examination.  Humour is used generously to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences.  Each segment is delivered in a step-by-step logical fashion; theory, demonstration, and practice.  The application of adult learning principles results in a highly interactive atmosphere.  

We offer customized programs for radioactive devices (geological / engineering devices) to biological materials from labs and clinics.  A waste management augmented program is available for organizations that are registered generators that offer hazardous waste materials for transport.  

Workshop Format
1.On-site education
2.Small and large group discussions 
3.Case studies
5.Stress free testing format in a relaxed atmosphere

Road Transport: 1/2 day and full day sessions - depends on the aspects required for workplace

Topics of TDG Training
Training shall be directly related to the dangerous goods that the person is expected to handle & must include the following topics:

  • Shipping Names
  • Use of Schedule 1, 2 & 3
  • Classification, nature and characteristics of those dangerous goods
  • Packing requirements
  • Safety marking requirements
  • Documentation requirements for those dangerous goods
  • Safe handling and transportation practices
  • Applicable emergency action in case of a dangerous occurrence
  • Proper utilization of equipment available for handling those dangerous goods
  • Emergency Response Assistance Plans

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