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Restcon Environmental

IICRC - Building Moisture Thermography (BMT)


This 2-day course provides information necessary to perform Thermal Imaging investigations for moisture in buildings.

In order to successfully use Thermal Imaging, the class will cover:

  • Basic physics of infrared (electromagnetic spectrum, radiosity, emissivity, reflectivity, transmissivity)
  • Basic principles of thermodynamics (conduction, convection, IR radiation)
  • Basic principles of psychrometry (thermodynamic properties of moisture)
  • Infrared camera basics
  • IR Camera settings for various investigations
  • Identification of false positives (understanding of surface characteristics)
  • Application of IR for moisture, insulation, integrity, & air leak issues.
  • Hands on training
  • Image analysis

You’ll get the most out of your camera when you are comfortable with the technology.

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