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In-House and Public Workshop Training


A majority of trainers in industry have no formal education in the principles and practice of training adults. While many seem to succeed, often for many years, their success usually is based on personality and superior ‘podium skills,’ not an understanding of the theory and practice of adult education. In other words, they have the proven aptitude and underlying ability to be truly great trainers, but almost certainly they are not ‘getting through to’ all of the people they are entrusted to instruct.

Imagine how much better and more successful they could be with even basic knowledge of the long-established science, psychology and art of adult education! Even a basic understanding and application of adult learning principles greatly increases effectiveness, allowing trainers and educators to ‘make learning happen’ even among learners previously viewed as a challenge.

Companies today must demonstrate that their training meets the requirements of the ANSI/ASSE National Standard Z490.1 (Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training) as well as OSHA and many other regulations. For many years, NESHTA and its cadre of trainers have helped overcome this problem by providing public and in-house training for industry and government. 

If you are seeking a course for yourself, there are now only two public enrollment sources for versions of NESHTA’s Designing and Delivering Effective Training course:

  • Georgia Tech’s Professional Education program at their Global Learning Center in Atlanta, which offers our course under the title, Instructional Techniques for Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals. The course is offered most years in June and October.
  • University of Florida TREEO Center, which offers a somewhat abbreviated version of our course using the title Train the Trainer: How to Design and Deliver Effective Training.

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