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In-House Training


TK Consult AG offers a wide variety of training courses, both about general theory of hydrogeology, surface hydrology, numerical modelling and inverse problem, geostatistics, etc., and about dedicated software packages. We use our expertise to offer back-up and advisory services, such as in-house training or on-line information and advice.

Course participants learn from each other as well as from our specialists and from the many resources available through our Resources Unit, e.g. real examples, databases, software packages, etc. Theory combined with practice is a regular feature and a key to success. Participants can solve suggested exercises or bring their own data bases to play with. This makes our courses more attractive to practitioners.

Some courses offered recently are:

  • Inverse problem (Lima,2009-nowadays)
  • Hydrogeology applied to mining activities (Lima,2009-nowadays)
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater (Lima,2007-nowadays)
  • Inverse problem (Neuchâtel, 2007-2008)
  • Geostatistics (Neuchâtel, 2007-2009)

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