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Industrial Training for Professionals


Increase your instrumentation and application knowledge to improve your business. Your employees play an important role in your company’s overall performance and manufacturing process. Endress+Hauser supports you to enhance and refine their production and maintenance knowledge - no matter if they are experienced engineers, practicing technicians or industry newcomers. Our experienced instructors apply years of service expertise to help your staff learn how to operate instruments properly and apply corrective and preventive maintenance of your measurement devices.

Hone your staffs' professional skills and increase your process efficiency sustainably. Endress+Hauser offers industrial training that corresponds to your business requirements and matches your employees' schedules. Benefit from our extensive training know-how and the opportunity of ongoing professional development. All our education instructors are seasoned professionals with years of real-world experience in measurement.

  • Our learning approach is to combine theoretical courses with hands-on training to provide different educational packages for all industries.

  • Training is available at your local Endress+Hauser facillity or specialized training center, and for convenience access the courses online.

  • Necessary hardware, learning materials and equipment are provided to ensure your training is successful.

Full documentation of all activities and findings

We provide the necessary instrument documentation to confirm functionality and ensure maintenance transparency. Our service technicians' expertise will help identify potential causes of a 'not passed' verification and deliver a device conformity statement.

Expertise available everywhere

For more than 60 years, Endress+Hauser has provided instrument maintenance services across all industries. Leveraging global expertise, our highly-skilled technicians provide effective maintenance while helping to increase your field instruments reliability and process availability through flexible and local service.

Reliable Service Agreement

Maintenance services under a Service Agreement will enable you to increase knowledge of the installed base and improve continuously the performance of your process. In addition, the risk of process interruptions are minimized through regular on-site visits by dedicated Endress+Hauser maintenance technicians.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical to ensure the longevity, reliability and performance of your process instruments. Furthermore, Endress+Hauser offers you an instrument verification service to prevent reoccurring failures and reduce operation downtime. This approach helps avoid the risk of emergency services and undetected measuring drifts. It will enable long-term confidence and compliant measurement, when carried out regularly.

Get detailed insights to remain compliant

Remaining compliant and reducing cost without compromising risk could be a challenge. Transparency about obsolete and critical assets is often missing in plants, specifically after many years in operation. Our consultants can help you gain full transparency of your installed base to improve asset utilization, optimize resource allocations and minimize the risk of non-compliance. Potential outcomes could be increased effectiveness of preventative maintenance and optimized spare storage.

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