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Inventory Management Training Courses



Inventory levels depend on many factors, including variable demand; delivery lead time; the supply chain network; service level agreements, etc. Trying to manage these variables independently is a ‘no win’ situation. This 3-day course will provide the key to successful inventory management, by combining practical inventory control techniques with sound procurement practice, to produce a solid foundation to enable your supply chain to meet customer expectations.

  • Warehouse managers.
  • Stock controllers.
  • Operations managers.
  • Inventory managers.
  • Supply chain professionals.
  • Material managers.
  • Procurement managers.
  • Demand management professionals.

  • Understand product specification and the implications of holding items.
  • Understand categories of stock and how to tailor stockholdings.
  • Apply methods of determining levels of stockholding,
  • Produce an action plan designed to reduce stockholding.
  • Evaluate demand planning within the organisation.

  • The stock decision matrix
  • Stock holding policy
  • Item classifications
  • Stock variety control
  • Vendor rating
  • Procurement planning
  • Forecasting techniques -moving average, exponential smoothing, safety stock, reorder point, EOQ.
  • Materials Requirement Planning
  • Material resource planning,
  • Stock valuation analysis- ABC analysis, Pareto.

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