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Link-Pipe Training Program


The Link-Pipe Training Program is a one-day intensive instruction dedicated to the identification of pipe damage, site and sleeve preparation for installation, installation of sleeves and pre- and post-installation QC (Quality Control) of the repaired pipe. Link-Pipe training personnel will review the recommended repair methodology, installation procedures, and provide hands-on training in field conditions.

Field Superintendents and CCTV truck operators who are presently engaged in the inspection and maintenance of the sewer pipes.

A. Theory of the Link-Pipe Repair Method and product

1. Guide sewer pipe maintenance crew on Health and Safety requirements during the sleeve preparation and installation.
2. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on on-site storage and handling of the sleeves and grouts.
3. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on the functions of various components of the repair sleeve.Annular space determination

  • Flares  
  • SST Core (Thickness of the metal, Purpose of the locks)
  • Absorbent Gasket
  • Limit Straps
  • End Sealer
  • PVC tape (around the gasket)
  • Rubber bands
  • Grouts (G-200, G-101)

4. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on Equipment handling and technical information on the equipment.

  • Flow-through Plug
    • Flow-through Plug preparation for installation
    • Flow-through Plug calibration
  • Air compressor
  • Air hoses, pressure regulators, valves etc.,

5. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on pipe cleaning requirements.
6. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on Good Practices in measuring the sewer pipe’s true I.D.
7. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on Pipe damage identification and determination of the appropriate type of the sleeve to be used (GROUTING SLEEVE™/Sewer Sealer)
8. Guide sewer pipe maintenance crew on possible critical conditions

  • Critical access dimensions into the sewer pipe
  • Manhole obstructions
  • Obstructions encountered in the sewer pipe
  • Pipe damage determination
  • Effects of flow conditions on the installation process
  • Sleeve not locked – how to handle this issue

9. Theoretical Test

B. Demo Sleeve installation (Installation of the Link-Pipe repair sleeve)

10. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on the preparation and installation of Link-Pipe repair sleeves

  • Positioning sleeve on the plug
    • Centering of the sleeve and positioning of the overlapped gasket (i.e. “flap”) with respect to the sewer plug
    • Rubber band placement
  • Grout application
    • Training on grout handling in accordance with all health and safety regulations and review of the MSDS
    • Grout application under the “Flap”
    • Grout Application on the remainder of the gasket
    • Grout application on the end sealer
    • Grout activation and critical timing of the installation
  • Assembly of the Sleeve/Plug/CCTV camera
  • Insertion of the Sleeve/Plug/CCTV camera into the Manhole
  • Wetting the gasket before insertion into the sewer pipe
  • Positioning of the sleeve over the damaged area (Single sleeve installation, Repair with 3 sleeves (bridge), telescopic installations, etc.,)

11. Instruct sewer pipe maintenance crew on Post-Installation quality control and post-installation QC analyses

  • Recording of the damaged area
  • Verification of the lock engagement
  • Verification of the residual infiltration
  • Reasons for residual infiltration if it occurs
  • Uneven grout distribution
  • Crack propagation
  • Pipe distortion
  • Joint offset
    • Cost of residual infiltration and cost of its elimination

12. Questions & answers
13. Brief summary

A combination of theoretical and hands-on installation is provided. The Link-Pipe Training Program runs one day. Time is allocated for questions and discussion during, and at the end of training. A Completion Certificate is given to an attendee with the highest passing mark. Other attendees will receive an Attendance Diploma after having been part of a crew installing at least 20 repair sleeves.

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