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Not everyone has the time, or desire, to complete their post-secondary schooling in a conventional setting, which is precisely why Drexel University offers a variety of online master’s degree programs to those seeking a versatile higher education solution.

You may take advantage of our partnerships with leading employers and organizations to receive special tuition discounts. Begin to leverage your learning experience and stand out from a sea of applicants today by enrolling in one of Drexel’s online master’s degree programs. Select a degree below to learn more!

There are many ways a Drexel University education can catapult your career aspirations to new heights, with accredited programs led by renowned professionals being just one of them. Not only will you enjoy schedule flexibility, but you'll also have a wealth of professional networking opportunities at your fingertips.

The Digital Dragon Community is Drexel University’s global online community that brings colleagues and friends together in a stimulating educational environment. Here you can connect and collaborate with thousands of fellow professionals and establish invaluable professional relationships while completing your online master’s degree.

Drexel University gives you every opportunity to expand your professional horizons, and is available each step of the way. In addition to around the clock technical support, while enrolled in the university’s online master’s degree programs you'll have unlimited access to the Steinbright Career Center and award-winning W.W. Hagerty Library.

Pursuing a master’s degree is no small commitment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable, too. Drexel University differs from many other top-ranking institutions by combining top-level, passionate instructors with a constructive and adaptable online learning environment. The result? A-list alumni that enter the workforce prepared for and passionate about their chosen career path!

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