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OHSAS 18001 training courses we offer are designed to help occupational health & safety practitioners conduct internal audits on OHSAS 18001 systems appropriate to this standard’s requirements.

Understanding the Need of OHSAS 18001 training

These courses help the candidates to learn about every aspect of conducting and planning for an audit, raising any nonconformity they come across, and coming up with corrective measures to redress it.

GlenView Group Offers OHSAS 18001 Training Courses that Enable the Auditors to:

  • Learn about the principles & practices of auditing an OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) management system
  • Learn how to interact with audit teams and check & raise the non-conformance issues, if any 
  • Understand the structure and requirements of the standard
  • Learn to write effective and actual audit report
  • Learn to summarize daily auditing sessions

Pre-requisites of the Course

Working knowledge and understanding of OHSAS 18001 or should’ve attended implementation course.

Objective of the Course

These courses cover health & safety aspects of OHSAS standard. The objective of the course is to educate and prepare the auditors for implementing and maintaining this globally recognized standard. Our OHSAS 18001 training courses enable businesses to prepare for this highly coveted certification while bringing their employees on top of things on what ISO standards are and help them understand the importance of the standard for their business.

  • Internal auditors in organizations with an established Occupational Health and Safety management system
  • Companies with a plan to establish an OHS management system on the horizon
  • Practitioners/ professionals who are responsible for conducting OHS audits in organizations

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