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- Specialist odour training that really delivers


If you need to be on top form in any aspect of odour assessment and control, you’ll want Olfasense’s specialist expertise at your fingertips. By investing in one of our bespoke training courses, you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from the experts, but you’ll also get invaluable, tailored advice. As a global business, we like to give the same great service to all our clients – which is why we offer to deliver our training anywhere in the world.

  • General knowledge of odour testing and odour parameters 
  • Basics of olfactometry according to EN 13725
  • Theory and practice of odour sampling, odour analysis, odour assessment and appraisal techniques
  • The operation of Olfasense’s olfactometers and our other odour measurement equipment
  • Briefing, selection and screening of odour panellists.

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