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On-Site/Field Training



Why spend money sending someone to a conference, hoping they’ll learn something and bring it back to the rest of the crew? Instead, we’ll conduct customized, on-site training for your entire crew. Our training programs range from generic 1-4 hour sessions, to custom 1-2 day sessions that deal with operational issues specific to your site. As an example, one of our training programs focused directly on maximizing scraper productivity at a 6,000 ton/day landfill where they used three 637 scrapers. Other sessions have had a broader scope, addressing the needs of municipalities that operated a variety of landfills. At landfills which were nearing closure, or where airspace was very expensive, other training programs have concentrated on cell construction and efficient cover placement techniques.

  • Our on-site/field training programs are presented in an informal, hands-on manner.
  • Participation by the trainees will be encouraged throughout the program.
  • Our approach is to channel employee experience into a standard method of operation and a feeling that teamwork works -- heavy-handed management and training does not work.

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