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Online DOT-Compliant Supervisor - Reasonable Suspicion Training


DOT Supervisor Training for Workplace Drug Abuse Awareness and Reasonable Suspicion is a Federal requirement for all supervisors of any DOT-regulated company personnel. OHS Inc. strongly recommends this special training for all other supervisors and managers too!.

Fully compliant with and satisfies training/exam/certification requirement of 49 CFR for all USDOT regulatory agencies (FMCSA, FAA, FHA, FRA, et al)

Our reasonable suspicion training is available 'online' 24/7/365 and a 'Certificate of Completion' is generated for your supervisor's personnel records in case of a DOT compliance audit. This special training for supervisors of DOT-regulated personnel is a DOT requirement, however, it is a strongly recommended 'option' for all companies. Quest Diagnostics positivity rate reports attest: the highest confirmed-positive rate of all six types of drug tests is for employees tested under 'reasonable suspicion' by a supervisor specifically trained in workplace drug-abuse awareness!

Our online DOT-compliant Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training will encourage and enable your supervisors and managers. Supervisors will learn how to be aware of and quickly identify employee drug-abuse in your workplace. Our DOT supervisor training will empower your supervisors and managers to deal with employee workplace drug and alcohol use and drug abuse confidently and effectively. Using a proven protocol, the 'Certification of Completion' for this supervisor training helps protect your company and your supervisors from possible legal challenges such as 'wrongful termination' when drug testing employees under 'Reasonable Suspicion' test 'positive' and they are dismissed from employment! Our program fulfills the two (2) hours DOT supervisor training requirement regarding workplace drug and alcohol abuse awareness and a Certification of Completion is issued for the supervisors' personnel files. As little as $36 per supervisor/manager certified!
DOT-required Supervisor Training for 'Reasonable Suspicion' drug testing will accomplish this with all your supervisors and managers that undertake it:

  1. It will present supervisors and managers with convincing evidence that drug-abuse does exist in the workplace. (Many supervisors and managers are either totally naive or in denial about this 'taboo' subject because they simply don't know 'how' to deal with it. Our supervisor training teaches them EXACTLY 'how' to do so.)
  2. It will underscore for them that, as company supervisors and managers, it is their duty and responsibility to you - their employer - to help prevent drug-abuse in their workplace and to personally support a Drug-Free Workplace company-wide.
  3. It will enable your supervisors and managers to more quickly, and accurately 'identify' when an employee is abusing drugs or is under the influence of drugs (illicit OR legally prescribed) while on the job.
  4. It will empower your supervisors and managers to confidently address the issue of drug use and drug-abuse with an employee. Our supervisor training will give them direction on 'how' to approach the employee and EXACTLY 'what' to say to them. Supervisors and managers will be able to call for a 'reasonable suspicion' drug test of a suspected employee in a manner which is legally defensible for your company- should such a defense later become necessary.

Subjects covered in our online DOT Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training include:

  • Goal of Your Company in Requiring this Special Online Supervisor Training (see 1-4 above)
  • U.S.A. Workplace Drug-Abuse Statistics
  • Why Most Supervisors/Managers Are In Denial or Ignore Possible Employee Drug Problems
  • Obligations and Responsibilities of Company Supervisors and Managers
    • Being Aware of Possible Workplace Drug-use
    • Observing/Monitoring Employees for Possible Drug-use
  • Recognizing/Identifying Workplace Drug-Users
    • PERFORMANCE indicators of employee workplace drug use
    • BEHAVIORAL indicators of employee workplace drug use
    • PHYSICAL indicators of employee workplace drug use
    • PARAPHERNALIA indicators of employee workplace drug use
  • Pictures of Most Common Illicit Drugs- to Aid in Recognition
  • Pictures of Most Typical Drug-use Paraphernalia- to Aid in Recognition
  • Legally-Defensible Procedures for Reasonable Suspicion Testing
    • Approaching/Talking to Employees Suspected of Using Drugs in the Workplace (Employee Intervention)
    • Documenting Employee Interventions in Writing (forms provided)
    • Making the DECISION to Drug Test for “Reasonable Suspicion”

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