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Choose your session and Regional Supplement when you check out.  The session starts on the date you select and runs for 12 weeks. The Swamp School’s comprehensive online wetland delineation training is entirely online and local. There is no out of town travel required. Even the field work is nearby.

So how does this work?

Each week you will be given new presentation materials and assignments. You will have 10 days to complete each weekly assignment. You will also interact with other students using our online discussion board. The weekly workshop materials can be completed in about 3-4 hours.

This workshop covers basic wetland training and includes the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetland Manual and the new regional supplements. We cover the conceptual framework of the wetland indicators as well as the regulatory context, court decisions, and related laws in this module.

Next, you choose which Regional Supplement you need to be trained on. We offer all 10 and you can add more as you need them. Each Regional Supplement module presents all of the relevant wetland indicators as they pertain to that region.

Finally, you complete the field work at a wetland in your neighborhood. There is no longer a need to travel to far off lands to finish your training. We have developed step by step guide and HD videos that will show you exactly, what you need to do as if you were standing in the field class. You will turn in your wetland data for review along with photographs and one of our team of experts will work with you to help you complete your training. The field work will take approximately 2 days (16 hours) in total to complete.

We offer 24/7 support and call in sessions to answer your questions. Our training is a blend of live, interactive, and online modules. It is designed to get you trained at a pace and schedule that is convenient for you. Our training has been accepted for a number of professional continuing education and certification programs including the Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) program.

Get started today and get Wetland Trained!

Course Description:Benefits of The Swamp School’s WDT Includes:

  • A blended online and field learning experience
  • Lectures on refinements of the 1987 Wetlands Delineation Manual and interpretations of the Regional Supplement
  • Understanding the potential ramification of possible changes in the interpretation of current wetland indicators
  • Impact of new manuals with respect to currently used 1987 Manual
  • Valuable insights on implementing the new concepts developed by the  United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Online lectures which go thoroughly go through the class material
  • Access to all relevant manuals to help in wetland delineation
  • Additional learning resources for students
  • Opportunities to ask questions and interact with students and instructors
  • Access to Help Desk should one experience technical difficulties
  • Sites selected to focus on the appropriate Regional Supplements and the local environmental conditions
  • Completing several data points using the new Regional Supplement data forms
  • Utilizing the 1987 Manual to compare and highlight any changes in analysis

Training Includes:

  • Online lectures which go thoroughly through the class material
  • Access to all relevant manuals to help in wetland delineation
  • Additional learning resources for students
  • Opportunities to ask questions and interact with students and instructors
  • Access to Help Desk should one experience technical difficulties
  • Certificate of Training upon completion of the class

Key Objectives for the Course:

At the end of this course, students should be able to.

  • Distinguish key manuals and their usage in wetland determination
  • Recognize important historical milestones in wetland delineation
  • Know key case law which affects wetland delineation
  • Pinpoint key agencies and their role in wetland determination
  • Understand the nature of the classification of Waters of the United States
  • Demonstrate knowledge of who can issue a Jurisdictional Determination and which agencies oversee the 404 program
  • Identify hydrophytes and their use in wetland delineation
  • Map plant communities and their respective data points
  • Demonstrate basic competency in basic hydrology and recognition of key hydrology indicators
  • Determine hydric soils and usage of Munsell Soil Chart
  • Understand problem areas and local differences in wetland delineation
  • Recognize atypical wetland areas and how to account for these in wetland delineation
  • Use various data collected to write reports used for wetland determination by USACE
  • Capture and understand offsite data usage in wetland delineation
  • Distinguish between the two approaches of onsite wetland delineation
  • Proper placement of flags demarking wetland areas

Materials Needed for Class:

You will need to provide the following items for this class:

  • Munsell Soil Color Chart
  • Soil auger or spade
  • Local plant field guides
  • Digital camera


The class is taught by Marc Seelinger, PWS. Marc has been teaching students to delineate wetlands since 1993. With over 25-years experience, Marc continues to help clients understand the technical and regulatory aspects of wetland rules.  Marc shares his “real-world” expertise with students so that they may gain wisdom and technical know-how from his days of consulting.  Marc’s clients have included government enterprises, engineering firms, energy companies, regulatory organizations, educational institutions, and real estate agencies.

PWS Pre-Approval:

This course has been pre-approved by the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program (SWSPCP) as meeting standards for content and instruction and, upon successful completion, has been judged to be immediately eligible to receive credits and/or points toward SWSPCP Professional Certification or SWSPCP Professional.


You get one regional supplement module with your Basic Training purchase. You will receive a follow-up email confirming your contact information.

Time Limits

Weekly assignments are to be turned in within the time-frame indicated for each assignment, normally ten days from the start of each lesson. Similarly, tests, quizzes, forum discussions, and other course-related activities are to be turned in when indicated by the instructor. 

You must complete the class by the end of the session. If you are unable to complete the class within that time frame you MUST notify the Swamp School in writing. Late work may be turned in but may be penalized. Additional time extensions can be requested via your instructors. You can transfer to the next scheduled class for an additional fee. However, some or all of your previous coursework may not carry over to the new session. The Swamp School reserves the right to modify this policy on a case-by-case basis.

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