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Training requirements are onerous and failure to provide the required training, to properly document the training and to ensure that persons understand that training will lead to significant monetary penalties and potentially to criminal penalties. Reportable noncompliance incidents or accidents will lead to scrutiny of your training program to ensure that you were diligent not only in providing training to your personnel but that you also ensured those personnel understood what they were required to know.

Only the Evergreen Compliance Manager offers Perpetual Training to minimize the monetary, civil and criminal liabilities associated with training requirements. With the click of a button, any requirement can be sent to designated personnel as a training tool and the recipients will be required to sign off that they understand the requirement, have been in compliance with that requirement, will continue to comply with the requirement and will request assistance if they do not understand the requirement. Perpetual Training will save you money you are already spending on classroom training while also raising the level of compliance awareness and accountability of your personnel. Our patent pending rule update system that feeds rule and task changes out each day to the Evergreen Compliance Manager ensures that your site contains the current rules and requirements associated with training requirements.

Traditional classroom and video training tends to take the onus off of the person being trained. In their mind, it is up to the company and the instructor to ensure that they are properly trained and if they don’t understand a requirement, the trainer failed to state things clearly or failed to keep their attention. Consequently, it is uncommon for persons to absorb more than 15% of the material that is provided in a classroom setting. Perpetual Training changes this by providing key issues periodically along with a requirement that persons receiving this training confirm their understanding, their commitment to compliance and their awareness that they must request additional information if the requirement is in any way unclear or if they feel they cannot comply with the requirement.

The Evergreen Compliance Manager gives you the flexibility to decide the frequency for each of your Perpetual Training notices so you can send critical requirements frequently and relegate the non-critical requirements to the minimum frequency required by agency, industry or company standards. Companies that implement Perpetual Training take great comfort in the fact that they can show the EPA inspector that Bill signed off four times over the past year that he understands the steps he must take in the event of a spill and they can show the OSHA inspector that Betty signed off every month that she understands and complies with the safety requirements associated with lockout/tagout prior to beginning maintenance on the shredder.

Call Argent to find out why regulators are consistently amazed with the level of training assurance that is provided uniquely for our customers who have already implemented Perpetual Training through the Evergreen Compliance Manager.

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