Qualification in Vibration Measurements


Vibration analysis is an essential component of conditional and preventive maintenance. The success of the vibration monitoring of equipment relies on the quality of the settings, measurements and analyses. To help you gain a stronger command of the various steps, the standard ISO 18436 defines the training and qualifications required by the personnel in charge of vibration monitoring and diagnostics.

Objectives :

  • To learn how to apply best practices in vibration measurements on pre-programmed roadmaps
  • To understand the technology of the monitored equipment
  • To learn how to detect and diagnose the basic faults

Programme :

  • Vibrations: general definition, terminology
  • Apparatus, taking measurements
  • Introduction to spectral analysis
  • Notion of resonance
  • Understanding of the equipment, motors, pumps, fans, turbines, compressors, etc.
  • Analysis of basic faults and the corresponding corrective actions
  • Vibration monitoring methodology: procedures, tests, thresholds, standards, etc.

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