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Responsible Recycling (R2) Training



Responsible Recycling (R2) is required for auditors and assessors to be able to successfully conduct quality audits for R2 compliance within a recycling or scrap business.

Glenview Group Offers R2 Training Courses that:

  • Help recyclers reuse and recover scrap in a more efficient, effective, cost-effective and eco-friendly manner
  • Help auditors understand on-site environment, health & safety requirements
  • Provide detailed discussion about reusable equipment & components, tracking throughout, storage, data destruction, facility security and more
  • Introduce businesses and auditors to the auditing requirements of ANAB
  • Cover all relevant aspects of R2 auditing

More about Glenview Group R2 Training Courses

Glenview Group’s R2 training courses have been designed by the R2 experts at Glenview Group to provide auditors with a comprehensive overview or R2 practices. The goal is to help auditors understand R2 requirements and be able to identify the objective evidence required for showing R2 conformance.

Prerequisite of the Course

None as such, but prior experience in recycling industry is preferred.

Objective of the Course

 The objective of the course is to provide the auditors and recycling firms a mechanism for efficiently and effectively communicating and managing the organization’s commitment for data security, accountability- right from gather e-waste to final disposition, safety & environmental performance, and leadership in operations

Who Should Take Up the Course?

The R2 training courses extended by Glenview Group can be taken up by recyclers including refurbishers, electronics resellers, de-manufacturers, recyclers, brokers, asset recoverers, and leasing companies engaged in recycling activities.

Do you have any query regarding R2 training courses we offer? Please feel free to contact the experts at Glenview Group.

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