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Understanding the Need of RIOS Training: RIOS or Recycling Industry Operating Standard Auditor Training is important for the assessors and auditors to be able to conduct quality audits for checking an organization’s conformance to RIOS.

  • Provide an overview of the scrap recycling industry
  • Cover the RIOS standard elements such as comparison between RIOS and ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001
  • Define scrap recycling and other RIOS terminologies
  • Guide about auditing requirements of RIOS/ISC/ANAB
  • Introduce the auditors to the tools in RIOS implementation guide

RIOS certifying bodies need to demonstrate their auditors’ ability to meet RIOS requirements, as part of the process of RIOS accreditation. This includes completion of RIOS auditor training program to ensure that the auditors possess a clear understanding of the RIOS and scrap recycling industry. Glenview Group offers approved RIOS auditor training course that meets the requirements for auditors and assessors carrying out RIOS conformance assessment on RIOS certifying bodies’ behalf. The course covers an overview of RIOS and scrap & recycling industry, an exclusive presentation of RIOS elements, and RIOS/ISRI auditing requirements.

Prerequisite of the Course

As such there are no prerequisites to take up the course; however, prior experience in recycling industry is preferred.

Objective of the Course

The objective of the course is to render the auditors capable of conducting RIOS audits to be able to ensure that the organization they audit has:

  • Improved EHMS footprints
  • Better relationships with regulatory bodies, members of recycling community, stakeholders
  • Improved understanding of environmental regulations and improved compliance with the standard
  • Better understanding of health & safety regulations/practices
  • Continual improvements in operations resulting in a favorable bottom-line and increased customer satisfaction

Auditors, assessors, managers and other individuals from scrap and recycling industry can take up this course.

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