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RTII 499 Unreviewed Safety Questions



USQD Synopsis The Unreviewed Safety Question (USQ) Process training module is designed for individuals tasked with performing USQ screenings and determinations. The course describes the requirements of 10 CFR 830.203

“Unreviewed Safety Question Process”. Also included are reviews of the purpose and history of the USQ process, the scope of the USQ process and the regulatory drivers and interfaces to other regulations and DOE Orders. Other topics that are discussed and reviewed in this training module include:

  • Review of Documented Safety Analyses and how they’re developed.
  • Impact of proposed activities on the components of risk.
  • The components of risk within the USQ process.
  • How the USQ process fits into integrated safety management.
  • How the USQ process fits into plant procedures and work practices.
  • Applying lessons learned in the USQ process.
  • The qualifications, responsibilities, and training requirements of personnel involved in the USQ process.
  • USQ documentation and reporting.
  • Margin of safety.
  • Possible outcomes of the USQ Determination (USQD) process.
  • The Potential Inadequacy in Safety Analysis (PISA) process.
  • The relationship of occurrence reporting to discovery USQ process.

None; however, students should have a basic safety training.

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