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There is nothing like being adequately prepared for an emergency. Whether it is in a factory or office building, amusement park or gym, your safety preparedness program boils down to training. And with 92% of industrial hygienists surveyed agreeing that 'comfort drives compliance,' you want to make certain that it is 'quality' training that your employees receive. When that unpredictable moment becomes a reality, instead of confusion and panic setting in, action will be taken! Knowing that there are people at the facility with the proper skills and knowledge to handle an emergency will prove invaluable.

Legend has won the confidence of many in Corporate America as one of the leading emergency preparedness educators. We can set you up with safety training for your warehouse employees; custom training for your corporation’s safety director; advanced medical training for your nursing staff; or a simple CPR course for your office faculty. Rest assured that Legend has a program for you.

Our courses include CPR, AED, First Aid, Forklift Safety, Machine Safeguarding, HazCom, HazWoper, OSHA Record keeping, Personal Protective Equipment, Permit Required Confined Space, Fire Safety, Occupational Noise Exposure, Lockout/Tagout, Electrical, Respiratory Protection, and more.

If a full scale corporate rescue plan is not for your company, you surely can benefit from our basic safety courses. A simple First Aid/CPR/AED course can certainly make the difference between life and death at a crucial moment.

Keep your management or all employees constantly safety tuned. Legend can custom tailor a program that includes periodic safety workshops on various safety topics. This can be done monthly, quarterly, yearly or at any time of your choice. We can also provide 'safety talking points' to your facility's safety supervisor.
Our health and safety courses are being conducted at the site of your choice, by our leading team of professional and experienced instructors who have many years of teaching experience. In addition to their teaching experience, they are all EMTs & Paramedics with vast knowledge and experience in many industrial arenas.

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