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Safety Training

Straub Corporation takes safety seriously! Over the past 11 years, our EMR rating has averaged 0.88. Straub Corporation has had no lost time injuries to date.

We at Straub Corporation take safety and safety training seriously. We provide our employees with OSHA 40 Hr. HAZWOPER training, H2S training and OQ training through state of the art CBT delivery utilizing EwebOQ partners. Straub Corporation also provides Exxon/Mobil LPS training, ConocoPhillips training, CPR/AED training, annual physicals, driver training, a Drilling and Service Technician advancement training program, a Driller Apprentice training program, a Pump Installer training program, Heavy Equipment Operator training and continuing education for all the above programs. We realize our employees are the key to success for our company and the success of your projects. Therefore, we strive to provide quality training and medical monitoring to insure our employees are ready for your projects.

Straub Corporation didn’t wait for OSHA to mandate PPE, we have always provided our employees with all personal protective equipment to do their job safely and effectively.

Straub Corporation strives to provide our employees with the latest personal protective equipment from level D1 though level C4. Every employee is provided with the following items.

Level D1 - D2
New full brim hard hat, UV safety glasses, ANSI steel toed work boots, uniform work shirts, caps and pants, flame resistant drilling coveralls, canvas and leather work gloves, nitrile outer gloves, regular TYVEK coveralls and Saranex 23-P coated TYVEK overalls, steel-toe chemical resistant boots, chemical splash/impact goggles or face shield and safety glasses with side shield.

Level C1 - C4
Regular TYVEK coveralls or 23-P coated TYVEK coveralls, half-face dual cartridge respirator with combination cartridges: organic vapor/HEPA filters or full-face dual cartridge respirator with combination cartridges: organic vapor/HEPA filters, steel-toe chemical resistant boots, cotton or leather work gloves (outer), nitrile outer gloves (optional), nitrile inner gloves, safety glasses, chemical splash/impact eye goggles or safety glasses with side shield and face shield, cotton or leather work gloves (outer), nitrile outer gloves, nitrile inner gloves and hard hat.

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