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Many people in industry, maintenance, laboratories and schools use gas as part of their everyday work. The gas is contained at high pressure in cylinders or as liquid in cylinders or cryogenic vessels. All users must know and understand the properties of the gas they are using and the correct operating procedures for the equipment being used with the gas.

Two courses are available:

  • General industrial gases safety training
  • Oxy-fuel industrial gases safety training

The safety training courses are held on your premises and are approximately three and a half hours in duration. They consist of a variety of media and practical demonstrations.

The courses cover a wide variety of aspects including the following:

  • Gas characteristics
  • Cylinders – Identification & Safety
  • Cylinder handling
  • Cylinder storage
  • Gas equipment
  • Assembly
  • Lighting & shutting down procedures (depending on the course)
  • Legislation

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