Scarecrow Group Limited.

- Training at Riga Airport

Riga International Airport, Latvia have been longstanding clients of Scarecrow, using our bird distress calls as a dispersal method for their problem species for over 13 years. They were one of the first airports to purchase the original Scarecrow data logging system back in 2009, and happy with the product and support received from Scarecrow, have continued to update the products along the way resulting in the last upgrade to the Scarecrow BIRD Tab system. The original bird call product purchased in 2005 still works well, and which can also now be used in conjunction with Scarecrow BIRD Tab given the flexibility BIRD Tab provides – an added benefit of updating to the latest data logging system is the airport now have a complete contingency for their Wildlife Control. All the airports historic data has been successfully migrated into the new software system.