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Simulator Training


Simulator training has proven to be the most effective way to train control room operators who are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of large, DCS-controlled power plants. FCS has developed and implemented training programs in support of simulators for nearly twenty DCS-controlled power plants. Our training programs are designed to be relevant and effective by focusing on helping the control room operators and other plant personnel to develop and improve the skills they need to operate their generating units reliably and efficiently. This structured and organized training is designed so that the operators will become proficient and confident in the shortest possible time.

Our simulator training programs are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide the trainees with hands-on operating experience in all aspects
  • of plant operations from a modern DCS.
  • Provide training in proper control room protocol and management, including: effective communications, teamwork, equipment monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting of equipment and process problems.
  • Increase trainee capabilities to control plant equipment and processes while experiencing malfunctions and equipment upset conditions.
  • Provide an objective method of evaluating the trainee's performance operating the power plant from the control room.


The FCS simulator training program has a combination of classroom instruction on background and theory that is complemented with hands-on simulator sessions in which the theory and background is put into practice. A training package is developed to maximize the effective use of the simulator and includes lesson plans that provide the instructor with detailed, day-by-day guidance that helps ensure consistent and comprehensive training. A simulator training manual complements the lesson plans by providing the technical information and procedures for the operators to learn and operate the simulated plant.

The simulator classroom sessions are designed to introduce the basic knowledge required to effectively operate the power plant.

Significant topics covered in the classroom sessions include:

  • Configuration of Systems and Equipment
  • System Operational Design Basis
  • Operational Theory and Characteristics of Equipment
  • Control Configuration and Functionality
  • Operational Procedures (Normal and Abnormal)
  • Control Room Protocol (e.g., communications, teamwork, equipment monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, etc.)

FCS simulator sessions are taught using lesson plans that are designed to present the training in a realistic manner. Early in the program, the instructor uses a coaching style to help the trainees build confidence. As the program progresses, the instructor establishes performance expectations for the trainees and encourages them to apply previously presented information to guide their actions.

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