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Acoustic Associates formed in 1990 and has a team of well qualified consultants based in 8 locations offering a nationwide service. With a wealth of experience, Acoustic Associates can provide training programs tailored to companies / organisations needs. Our training office is based in Peterborough but this can be changeable depending on how many people need training in one location.

Acoustic Associates (Peterborough), in conjunction with both the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) offer additional dates for the four day approved raining course. This course can assist employees of ANC registered Companies to gain knowledge to aid Accredited Tester status, and enable Technician Membership (TechIOA) of the IOA.

One of the requirements in Approved Document E (ADE) of the Building Regulations states that bodies conducting testing should have third party accreditation. With the ANC scheme being approved by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG), it offers its members the opportunity to achieve third party tester accreditation. This course is designed to enhance the abilities and knowledge base of the delegates with a view to assisting the registration of testers through the existing ANC accreditation route.

The four day training course has been prepared using the procedures and guidance in Approved Document E (Resistance to the passage of sound), specific testing and analysing standards as well as structured teaching practises delivered on other competent Person Training Courses run by Acoustic Associates.

The course syllabus contains the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Building Acoustics
  • Building Element Properties
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Documentation of Results

The first two days would be based around classroom presentations, incorporating practical demonstrations. The third day would be dealing with all aspects of testing, including conducting “real-life” practical airborne and impact testing, using supplied instrumentation; the final day will    include the written and practical examinations.

Why should I attend? To become an ANC registered accredited tester the successful applicant will still be required to prove their abilities by undertaking field tests and producing competent sound insulation reports, conducted in conjunction with the ANC Registration Scheme. As this scheme requires a minimum age / qualification, the Institute of Acoustics now state that “This course is approved for the purposes of meeting the specialist educational and training requirements for election to Technician Membership of the Institute of Acoustics”.

How much will it cost? The price is based on a limited number of delegates on each course (up to 8 per course), which ensures personal attention, and ample use of supplied instrumentation to enable every delegate to be become confident at undertaking and understanding ADE Pre-Completion Testing. Included in the price is full documentation of test procedures, relevant Guidance and British Standards information (BS EN ISO 140-4, 140-7, 717-1 & 717-2), use of calibrated test instrumentation and lunches on all training days.

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