Staff Training


Alloway’s strategic training solutions will prepare your laboratory staff to generate defensible data. We offer training on a range of practical topics for laboratory professionals. Our training products come in a variety of formats, subjects, and durations. There’s a training option for every budget and time frame. Regular training sessions are scheduled throughout the year, or Alloway can bring the course to you.

On-site Courses

Make the most of your time and money with Alloway’s on-site courses. We bring the instructors and the materials; you provide the students. Planning a workshop or event? Alloway can be a guest speaker or host seminars on behalf of your laboratory organization.  We can present a specific course or tailor a presentation for your group. See our Course Catalog (PDF) for a list of available courses.

Online Training Courses

Training expertise at your fingertips. Alloway’s online training courses are a practical option for brushing up on a technique or advancing your knowledge. Depending on your state, you can receive water or wastewater contact hours for participating. These courses incorporate video clips, photographs, EPA reference materials, and telephone support. All you need is an Internet connection.

Courses Available:

  • An Overview to QC/QA and Writing the QA Manual (3.0 Wastewater Contact Hours - $45)
  • Total Coliform Sampling (2.0 Drinking Water Contact Hours - $30)
  • Low-Level Mercury Sampling (3.0 Wastewater Contact Hours - $45)
  • Types, Use, and Cleanliness of Laboratory Glassware & Pipettes (1.0 Drinking Water or Wastewater Contact Hour - $15)
  • SOP and Document Control (1.0 Drinking Water or Wastewater Contact Hour - $15)

Training DVDs

These self-paced courses cover laboratory procedures and instrumentation for beginners and advanced students.

  • Up-to-date training in a user-friendly format
  • Participate and review lessons at your convenience
  • Low-cost, reusable training tool
  • Courses incorporate video clips, photographs, EPA reference materials, and telephone support
  • Purchase individual DVDs or the full set

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