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- LD-12 Operating Instructions Training


LD-12 Water Leak Detector includes accessories for water leak “pinpointing” and water leak “surveying”.

The LD-12 is very sensitive and can damage hearing if not used properly. Keep the sensor motionless when the Mute Switch is depressed, and keep the Volume below 25% when attaching to a hydrant, meter, or valve that may be very loud.

Do not drop the sensor hard on to asphalt, concrete, valves, or other surfaces from 2-3 feet or more. The sensor has a piezo electric ceramic element, and it can be broken by hard drops or harsh treatment.

The amplifier has a large Meter Display, Volume Control, Adjustable Filters, ON/OFF Power Switch, Battery Power Switch, and a Light Switch:

The headphones jack is “power switched”. If the headphones are not plugged in, the amplifier’s power does not go ON:

There are 3 Low Filters and 3 High Filters. The LD-12 user hears all of the sounds between the two filters that are ON. All sounds that are in frequencies lower or higher are filtered out.


The Limitter Switch cuts off all sounds greater than 110 dB in the ON position. The Filter-Thru Switch bypasses all of the filtering in the ON position.

The meter on the amplifier is used for comparing the loudness at different locations when the user’s hearing can not tell which location is louder. Adjust the Volume Control to move the meter needle to a midrange position. Then compare meter readings at different locations.

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