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- LD-15 Operating Instructions Training


The LD-15 Professional’s Leak Survey Instrument is primarily designed for water leak “surveys,” the term used for listening for water leaks at hydrants, meters, and valves:

Pinpointing directly over the pipe with the LD-15’s base plate

The LD-15 can also be used for water leak “pinpointing,” the term used for finding the exact location of water leaks:

The LD-15 includes standard accessories and optional accessories for water leak surveying and pinpointing:


Standard Accessories

  • Amplifier with Meter Display and Filter Controls
  • Padded Case and Standard Belt (40 inches)
  • High Sensitivity Sensor and Cable
  • Base Plate for Listening on Street Surfaces
  • Aviation-Grade Stereo Headphones
  • Heavy-Duty ABS Plastic Carrying Case

Optional Accessories

  • 40 inches Long Contact Rod (not shown)
  • 60 inches Long Contact Rod (not shown)
  • Large Size Belt (50 inches)
  • Extra Large Size Belt (60 inches)

The Amplifier has a large Meter Display, Volume Control, Mute Switch (also serves as ON/OFF), and Filter Range Switch:

The LD-15 requires 4 “C” size batteries:

Turn down the Volume Control before pressing the Mute Switch. With the Mute Switch depressed, adjust the Volume Control to hear the sounds comfortably.

There are two Filter Ranges:

  • High: 30 Hz to 5000 Hz
  • Low: 30 Hz to 800 Hz

Use the High Range for water leak surveying and the Low Range for water leak pinpointing.

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