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Sustainability 101 Training


This program is aimed at preparing diverse audiences with limited previous exposure to sustainability, with the basic skills needed to provide sustainable value to organizational sustainability initiatives set by a company already enthralled in sustainability reporting.

For most companies that have embraced sustainability, driving the message further into the company can be one of the next great challenges to overcome. Effectively educating a global workforce on the foundations of sustainability, the importance of your programmatic efforts, and the role they can play often competes with the resources needed to actually execute timely reporting objectives. However, creating a culture of sustainability that will pay off requires complete buy-in from your internal stakeholders and a solid understanding of what they can do to make sustainability “stick”.

ISOS Group, a GRI Certified Training Partner in the U.S. who has trained CSR teams from the largest Fortune 500 firms has partnered with Reframe Solutions a consulting services firm with 25 years experience leading successful change initiatives for corporate, non-profit and academic organizations to make Sustainability Stick, to offer 6 hours of content in an interactive online format executed over a three day period.

Why is this a perfect fit for you and your organization

The core content can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your organization

  • No pre-requisites
  • No travel is required
  • It’s not necessary to have a background in sustainability or to have previously worked on sustainability reporting
  • Time away from day-to-day job duties is significantly minimized
  • No internal development needed

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the positive connection between sustainability and the financial success of the organization
  • Acquire an awareness of key sustainability concepts and common tools that pay off
  • Develop an awareness of how people across the organization can have an measurable impact on sustainability goals
  • Improve knowledge of relevant environmental and social standards and regulations
  • Establish strategies for institutionalizing sustainability across the organization
  • Identify appropriate potential strategies to address sustainability challenges within the organization justified through simple SWOT and feasibility analyses

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