Teaching and Training Program

Dr. Zaafran of ZZ & ASSOCIATES developed and taught graduate and undergraduate level courses specific to Advanced Reservoir Engineering, Pressure Transient Analysis, Fluid Flow Through Porous Media, Reservoir Behavior, PVT analysis, Formation Evaluation, Petrophysics, Well Log Interpretation, Reservoir Characterization, Reservoir Description, and Reservoir Fluid Properties. These courses were taught in Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Brazil.From its establishment in 1987, ZZ & ASSOCIATES has provided classes and seminars that address the importance of well test analysis in reservoir description and how it can be used to correct or enhance geological and geophysical models.

For engineers and scientists whose undergraduate education did not include petroleum engineering, seminars can be geared to simplify the topics needed to understand well test analysis.  Such topics include reservoir engineering, PVT analysis, petrophysics, core and log analysis, geology and geophysics, etc.

Engineers are coached in a step wise fashion enabling them the skills necessary to process raw data and analyze either build up or falloff tests using different models.

ZZ & Associates prides itself on integrating different subjects ranging from exploration, petrophysics, drilling, well logging and production to come up with integrative solutions where teamwork ultimately facilitates superior quality.

Training program will be offered by ZZ & ASSOCIATES to allow Petrophysicists and geologists to gain the following:

  • Basic and advanced formation evaluation and reservoir description using different method.
  • Basic and advanced pressure transient analysis
  • Digitizing methods (manual & automatic)
  • Non conventional digitizing methods
  • Hands on qualitatively reading a well log and correlating the different logging tools
  • Quality control of digitized logging tools and well test data

ZZ & ASSOCIATES has provided training programs in the area of formation evaluation, pressure transient analysis, PVT analysis,reservoir description and reservoir characterization to Petrobras, Brazil, ADCO, ADMA and ZADCO (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egyptian Petroleum Institute, Egypt.

We will make sure of providing the geologists and petrophysicists with the highest academic and applied experience that is required by a petrophysicists or geologist to better carry out his or her job successfully in the areas of reservoir description and reservoir characterization.

ZZ & ASSOCIATES is ready to provide the technology transfer required by our client.

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