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TH Training Institute


The TH Institute relies heavily on technology in order to deliver food safety training to a widely dispersed and diverse audience across the globe.  Our Institute offers FDA / USDA knowledge resources to help you get your product into the US without delay.

Training seminars are provided over a 5 day period to help food processors learn and understand:

  • How to navigate the fda gateway
  • Fda's import program / general procedures
  • Detention without physical examination
  • Import alerts
  • How to stay off the detention list
  • What to do if your product gets detained
  • Food facility registration requirements
  • Imported foods prior notice requirements
  • Fda’s enforcement organizational structure
  • Detentions
  • Reconditioning options
  • Refusals

The TH Training Institute provides Food Safety and FDA Gateway Procedures Training here in the US.  Twice a year, we provide onsite training throughout the World including China.  Each training session is taught by former FDA Consultants and Attorneys to help you understand not only Food Safety, but also how to navigate the FDA Gateway with ease.

The Institute is committed to increasing your ability to quickly identify food safety problems, better coordinating a rapid release of those products from the FDA, and improving communications with the FDA and other resources within the United States.  The things you will learn will better protect you and your shipments, help reduce or eliminate Detainment or Refusal problems, and maintain consumer confidence in your products.

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