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The Risks Associated with Noise Training

Our world is becoming a noisier place and Ethos Environmental offer a number of bespoke training courses to assist individuals to monitor noise at their sites. This can be from a Health and Safety viewpoint, where noise is monitored and occupational exposures are calculated, or from an environmental viewpoint, where noise is assessed in relation to a site’s nearest neighbours.

Suitable and sufficient training must be given to all employees including:
  • The nature of risks from exposure to noise
  • The organisational and technical measures taken in order to comply with the requirements of Regulation 6 Elimination or control of exposure to noise at the workplace
  • The exposure limit values and upper and lower exposure action values set out in Regulation 4 Exposure limit values and action values
  • The significant findings of the risk assessment, including any measurements taken, with an explanation of those findings
  • The availability and provision of personal hearing protectors under Regulation 7 Hearing protection and their correct use in accordance with Regulation 8(2) Maintenance and use of equipment
  • Why and how to detect and report signs of hearing damage
  • The entitlement to health surveillance under Regulation 9 and its purposes; and safe working practices to minimise exposure to noise
  • This may be tailored to meet the needs of clients’ own sites and include their own noise data

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