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A 'Best Practices Group' for CERCLA benchmarking studies was formed in 2004. As the Group developed, it has become a forum to discuss impediments and approaches to more cost-effectively manage multi-party sites, while strictly adhering to anti-trust guidelines. The Group managed, and held a CERCLA Sites Training Session for Internal Project Managers (PMs) in Houston last September, that was attended by ~65 PMs. Today, the Group provides a forum to share ideas, experiences and current practices regarding site management and to create a mechanism for member companies to gain perspective and strategic insights on the management practices of their peers.

The Session would provide internal Project Managers with practical information on how to determine the 'best' course of action at contaminated sediments sites. The course will focus on strategies, issues and limitations associated with these risk and remedial alternatives and will discuss case studies. Additional topics will potentially include: trends in the sediments management industry, site allocation approaches, how to manage problematic sites, identification of natural attenuation, capping, and dredging alternatives, how to define your project end point and success, and how different management approaches and technologies are accepted by US EPA and the regulatory arena.

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