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In-field Training; The Shredfast trainer will help set up routes and ride along with operators to help them get acquainted with the truck and equipment. He will provide education on handling the new truck on the road and proper parking situations for better ease of collecting and operating on routes. And he will simulate common problems that occur on normal routes and how to solve them easily and safely.

Start up and shut down
The trainer will educate operators on proper start up and shut down of the equipment and simulate any problems that might occur in the field. If you are in a warm or cold climate the trainer will educate operators on the proper warm up of the vehicle to avoid any unnecessary down time.

Managing load capacity
To judge large jobs and avoid problems with scheduling, he will educate operators to monitor and understand the equipment gauges.

Preventive maintenance
The importance of cleaning the equipment and the best way to integrate these duties into daily routines will be discussed by the trainer. He will perform maintenance, locate a service center in your area and educate operators on the necessary tools and fluids that are required to keep your truck running properly.

Educating your customers
He will provide the operators with the knowledge in placing the appropriate number of bins or consoles. By educating the customers on the material that can be put in the bins or consoles will ensure cleaner loads, longer life of the truck components, and develop a good relationship between operators and customers.

Unloading procedures
Your operators need to know proper and safe unloading procedures to ensure there is no damage to property or equipment. Then at the end of the day the truck is emptied, properly cleaned and ready for the next day.

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