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Certiquality S.r.l


The mission of Certiquality’s professional training sector is to contribute to the growth of quality culture and to spread the new skills involved in the implementation of organisations’ management systems.Human resource development is a key factor both for organisations moving towards certification and those who intend to engage in consulting.

The training courses are aimed at highlighting not only the contents of the reference standards but also the typicalities of the sectors concerned: as for instance courses regarding chemical, agri-food, health, transport, building, medical devices and tourism sectors.

Our teachers are professionals with expertise in the relevant fields and frequently perform auditing activities as well. This enables them to hand out the firsthand experience gained from the business world and the organisations at large.
Certiquality training sector regularly provides:

  • 40-hour courses accredited by CEPAS and AICQ SICEV for the training of auditors for quality, environmental and safety management systems;
  • 16-hour courses for the training of the internal auditors;
  • 8-hours courses for the applications of the standards in specific sectors

In addition, Certiquality is able to provide responding to organisations’ specific request session of course planned and held by the organisations’ site.

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