DirectCIH will set-up training schedules to meet corporate and legal requirements, conduct much of the training at the client’s facility, and prepare the training program specifically for the organization’s workforce. DirectCIH personnel have several decades of experience in training. In addition to standard regulatory training described in the EHS Training section, DirectCIH also conducts training covering Stormwater, Chemical Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Fire Prevention, Hazardous Materials, Respiratory Protection, and Personal Protective Equipment.

As a corporate consultant, DirectCIH follows a continual, circular process starting with three steps: prepare training materials to meet or exceed goals, train, evaluate outcomes.

Then the process begins again: modify training materials, retrain as necessary, and evaluate outcomes. Although this training program is accomplished at required intervals, DirectCIH will evolve its training program to better achieve organizational goals and objectives using the most efficient and economical methods possible.

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