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ScrapWareSV software has a very shallow learning curve, perhaps the lowest in the industry.  We offer the only state-of-the-art web-based training solution in the industry. ScrapWare University allows you and your personnel to train anytime the opportunity presents itself—nights, evenings or weekends. A computer and an Internet connection are all that is required. You can train undistracted in the quiet and comfort of your own home.

Our studies have shown that most business owners don’t provide enough or adequate software training to their employees. The reasons are many, but mainly it is because you are so crazy busy and it is tough to take scale personnel, traders or managers away from their posts for any length of time during the business day.

ScrapWare University is a unique and extremely effective training model. It thoroughly prepares your personnel for all subsequent training live training sessions and implementation. In addition, you are able to measure their progress and/or incentivize it.

Key to Success
In order for your employees to operate ScrapWareSV or any software product with a high degree of proficiency, they must be trained to do it. This takes a commitment by owners and managers to make this happen.

Deliberate and constant training radically improves employees’ understanding of company objectives and helps to raise and set standards of performance. If you don’t train, you cannot expect your personnel to get to the next level. That is why companies continually waste time and effort to address the same problems and issues.

Most software training programs involve a long, one-shot training session. This session presents a lot of information and then it is over. The perception among your staff is that you received a lot of value because you gained a lot of information. In reality, very little sticks from one-shot training because there is no continuous follow-up. Your staff really ends up not knowing how to really operate software at all.

Easy and Flexible
We designed our ScrapWareSV training to be a flexible, repetitive exercise. We have found that multiple, short training sessions are far more beneficial than one long one. We modify these sessions on a customer-by-customer basis. We also measure your staff’s training performance.

ScrapWareSV training presents material several different forms and in several different modes.

We rotate the most important material and the same concepts are constantly reinforced, repeated and reiterated. We have found that over time, user skills are impacted permanently by constant repetition.

While we still offer onsite training and your offices or offsite training at ours, most of the above training has been replaced by online sessions with phone conference. Based on our experience, your training time and money is much better spent with our online training solution.

If required, and if it makes you feel more comfortable, we can be available for onsite implementation, after training is completed.

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