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Keep your staff up-to-date on the latest features and leverage the full power of your TRUX 7 back-office application. We can train existing staff on specific features; including Mapping, Dispatching, and Reporting. Or, our team can train new staff members to quickly get them up-to-speed with the application and immediately boost their productivity.

Another option is to have our trainers provide refresher training to existing employees or departments. We can analyze how they currently use TRUX 7 to perform their day-to-day tasks and provide training on the under used features.

Experience shows that additional training, in any of the previous scenarios, will increase user confidence and productivity. You remain confident that your staff are effectively using the application and that your business continues to run smoothly and successfully.

Our Professional Services team can sit with your group and analyze how effeciently you are using the available functionality in TRUX 7. We can identify tools which are available but are not being used, or are not being used to their full potential. By the end of the session, your staff will have created a 'pick list' and we can work together to start training your staff on those features.

For example, in our experience, companies benefit from additional training on Mapping, Credit Card Processing, Collections, Customer Issues, and Reporting. By controlling the re-training pace, we can prevent your staff from becomin overwhelmed and inundated with the new functionality.

The TRUX Professional Services team has travelled throughout North America, installing, implementing, and training users on the TRUX 7 Software Suite. Along with working in the waste industry, their background includes substantial industry knowledge which helps them advise best business practices for TRUX applications. We can enhance your TRUX experience and provide you with training that helps your business succeed.

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