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PENTAGON’s global training services facilitate the integration of the PENTAGON 2000SQL solution within an organization's business processes. Since 1986, PENTAGON has trained trainers, end users, and implementation team members worldwide. We understand the critical role that training plays in achieving a successful implementation, and our comprehensive training solutions are designed to help you quickly achieve your desired results. Each training program is tailored to your unique needs and designed according to your desired business outcomes

Customer Site Training

Our training specialist are available to conduct customized sessions at your location to train users and help them develop technical proficiency in areas specific to their individual roles to successfully install, configure, and administer the PENTAGON application. PENTAGON Technical Training enables students to reduce the overall implementation time for our products and provides a solid foundation for those who support the ongoing development and management of their PENTAGON solutions.

PENTAGON Class Training

PENTAGON offers regularly scheduled classes on our products. These classes are conducted at our purpose built facility in New York City, and utilize the latest tools to provide an environment that is conducive to memory retention. Our customers can register for these classes online through our website. Each class consists of multimedia lectures and hands-on time to reinforce what was learned that day.

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