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WestWater is a company specialising in disinfection, monitoring and control of water processes. A large proportion of our speciality entails the use of chlorine gas. Our staff has many years of experience in understanding the properties of chlorine and in safe handling practices. We train commercial Swimming Pool Managers during their induction and conduct operation and maintenance courses for the Water Corporation.

Course Facilities

We can tailor the Training Courses to your site specific requirements. This could be held at your premises or in our comfortable training room, with morning tea and lunch provided.

“Properties of Chlorine Gas and Safe Handling Techniques”

This module is the first part in a series of training programs and forms a prerequisite for other modules such as “Chlorination System Design” and “Chlorination Equipment Maintenance and Repair”

The purpose of this training program is develop the skills, knowledge and general understanding of the principles of safe handling and storage of liquefied chlorine gas, including the associated equipment of a gas chlorination system.

This course would be of four hours duration and conclude with a simple examination to prove a learning outcome. Each participant would be issued with a certificate of competency on the successful completion of the test paper

“Service and Maintenance Techniques”

This course covers the practical servicing side to maintaining chlorine equipment. Participants will be provided practical experience for the dismantling, servicing and testing of chlorine equipment and will highlight the techniques used to prolong service when dosing chlorine gas, with its inheritance problems, containments and characteristics.

Site Specific Training for New Installations

WestWater Enterprises will also provide on-site training to operational staff at the conclusion to all major installations. A site specific Powerpoint presentation and booklet is provided to staff to ensure the safe and efficient running of the new equipment.

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