European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Training & Cooperation

Training and Cooperation has been one of the main activities of the European Maritime Safety Agency since 2004. Through its training programme the Agency assists Member States and other beneficiary countries in areas where they need support and fosters co-operation and disseminates best practices in fields related to the interpretation and implementation of EU maritime safety legislation.

The beneficiaries of these activities are:

  • 27 EU Member States, Norway and Iceland, following the advice of the Consultative Network on Technical Assistance (CNTA),
  • Candidate and potential candidate countries (IPA) on the basis of an agreement with DG ELARG to assist them  in the approximation of their national legislation to EU maritime safety acquis

Trainings are provided by a dedicated team through seminars, workshops, experts' visits and information days and cover all fields of EMSA's mandate from port state control, to maritime security, traffic monitoring, port reception facilities, marine equipment, pollution prevention and response. Over the years, the scope and number of EMSA training activities has continued to grow- from 4 activities involving 48 officers in 2004, to 27 activities involving 543 officers in 2010- responding to the needs of the beneficiary countries and following the development of EU maritime legislation.

Further ad hoc assistance is provided to the European Commission in the implementation and monitoring of specific EU funded projects for European Neighbouring Countries such as SAFEMED Project II.

In addition, the Training & Cooperation sector undertakes a number of horizontal tasks, including the preparation and updating of the “Overview of 29 European maritime administrations” and provides a platform for cooperation and coordination among maritime administrations in the beneficiary countries.

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